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Senior Software Engineer @ GitHub, OSPO
Previously @ Tektronix, Open Source Team

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Launching an Open Source Office

Project Description: At a previous company I began noticing that we were spending a lot of time “reinventing” projects that already existed as open source or even rebuilding our own version of proprietary things that other business units in the same company already had built.

I didn’t know it at the time but what I had stumbled upon was a commonly experienced problem that open source and inner source had a solution for. After doing some research and stumbling on the TODO group I found that the company could improve our efficiency by so much if we adopted open/inner source practices.

How I drove change

I decided to write a proposal to open an open source office and personally lead this drive for efficiency and software re-use. The charter outlined several key areas to organize my thoughts around what and why we were trying to do. I proposed this to my VP, legal, and manager with great success. My job changed to this open source leader full time and I was able to grow a small but mighty team. We set up action plans for our first year of operation as well and implemented OSS policy, licensing guidelines, seeded starter inner source projects, as well as began tracking software reuse metrics to track against our goals.

Open Source Office Charter

I’m sharing the proposal that was developed here in the hopes that it might inspire others on their own journey’s in open source and intrapeneurship.






Business Outcomes


Staffing Critical Mass (Team to work closely with existing legal dept.)

Measuring Success



Growth Path